Download Gympair today and start socializing with fitness minded people

Download the app today and start socializing with fitness-minded people



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App Functions

Pair Up

Swipe & Match to Pair up. Find someone that goes to the same gym as you do. If you do not go to a gym. Get more information from people that do go to the gym you like and buddy up.


Socialize, Chat and arrange for a gym session with your buddy. Ask questions you would like to find out. Share new and useful information.


Be on top of your health. Calculate your MBI & Calories, check history to see your past records. Keep your results organized to improve.


Share snaps of your workout, and gym life with people. Show off your gym skills. Be an influencer, be an idol. Make a difference. 

Coming Soon

More exciting features coming your way. Stay tuned!

Our Goal

Our goal is to make gympair the most used fitness assistance app. With new features and ideas on the way. We will make sure that your experience with us is as smooth and flawless as possible.

Our Mission

Making sure that the fitness world is meant for everyone.  Giving confidence for anyone to step out of their conform zone and make new friends. Thrive to reform individuals and the fitness community. Together we are stronger.